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Since Frank Haupt began drilling water wells in 1914, the Haupts have drilled thousands of wells, large and small, for homes, farms, industries and municipalities. The very first wells drilled by Frank Haupt were constructed with a horse-drawn wooden drill rig.


Today, we only use state-of-the-art water well equipment designed to construct and complete  systems that tap the varied aquifers (a water-bearing stratum of permeable rock, sand, or gravel) of Wisconsin. Many Central Wisconsin water sources in earlier days consisted of hand-dug wells. Learn more about dug wells here.


All of Frank’s sons contributed their time, energy and talents to the water supply industry. In 1967, Ed, Don and David purchased the business and incorporated as Haupt Well Co., Inc. and later, Haupt Well & Pump Co., Inc.


Ed, Don and David Haupt ran Haupt Well & Pump Co., Inc. jointly until 1991. Ed was on board until 2003.  Except for college and active duty, David has been with the company since 1963. In 1989, the National Ground Water Association certified David Haupt as a Master Ground Water Contractor, the 43rd to be certified as such. Today there are 85 Master Ground Water Contractors worldwide.


In the 21st century, the business is owned and managed by David (who has more than 45 years' experience) and third generation nephews, Greg and Alan, who are Ed’s sons. Greg and Alan have over 30 and 35 years experience in all phases of the water well industry.


Haupt Well & Pump Co. is a progressive company. Over the years, a number of improvements to drilling methods and completing water supply wells were initiated and improved by the Haupts. Air rotary rigs were added to their equipment list in the 1950s.


In much of Central Wisconsin, the only aquifer available to water wells is hard pre-Cambrian age rock, commonly referred to as granite. Because this geology is generally thought to be uncooperative, methods of locating and completing successful, higher-yield hard rock water wells are constantly being studied, developed, and improved by Haupt.


In the 1970s, the Haupts experimented with high-pressure water development of wells drilled into hard rock. They designed and built the first rig of its kind in Central Wisconsin. The process became known as hydro fracking.  Previous to employing this process, hard rock water wells were often dynamited using heavy charges in attempts to improve well yield. Read more about blasting here.


Regional geology varies considerably across Wisconsin. Call us to help plan and drill your water well and to complete your water system. Our reputation and years of experience are your assurance. We are also IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) certified and are versed and equipped in geothermal drilling and loop installation.

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All groundwater contains minerals. Minerals build up in your well, pipes, pump and plumbing. These deposits can restrict the flow of water into the well and through the pump and plumbing. Mineral deposits can break loose, producing cloudy and gritty water. Mineral deposits can also create a hiding place for bacteria.


Suggested action: All wells and water systems should undergo periodic cleaning and maintenance.


Your water quality should dictate how often your well should be cleaned. Nationally, the recommended schedule is annual. Wells that produce exceptionally good quality water could be scheduled less often.


The cost benefit ratio should prompt your attention to

this matter.


Give us a call to schedule your water well and water system inspection and cleaning. This service can result in savings and may prevent premature failure and unexpected

water outages.

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